Advantage Magazine features Eco Waste Solutions

Eco Waste Solutions’ Jean Lucas is featured in the Q4 issue of Advantage Magazine.

Environmental technology company Eco Waste Solutions has gone, quite literally, to the ends of the earth for its clients—specifically Canadian Forces Station Alert (CFS Alert), an intelligence-intercept facility of the Canadian military. The base is located at the northeastern tip of Ellesmere Island, and it’s considered the northernmost inhabited place on the planet.

So, what made Eco Waste Solutions the right company for this remote military base?

In short, it’s a technology called the Eco Waste Oxidizer, which performs thermal waste conversion. “In other words,” says Jean Lucas, vice president of business development, “we burn garbage.”

The Oxidizer, a large steel machine that has the ruggedness of a tank paired with a high-tech control system and an easy-to-use touch-screen display, helps communities (including military bases and mine camps) that don’t have access to traditional waste-disposal infrastructure get rid of their trash. The remote communities are often in environmentally sensitive locations, where they often don’t want or aren’t allowed to create a landfill.

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