Batavia, NY  – Jan 17, 2024 – Eco Waste Solutions’ ground-breaking thermal waste conversion systems have been selected by AFWERX, the Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory, for their Agile Combat Employment (ACE) Expedient Basing Challenge Showcase Event.  

Developed for rapid logistics and rapid time into operation, the  Expeditionary Solid Waste Disposal System (ESWDS) modular design, converts base camp solid waste into small volumes of inert ash that is easily stored and removed from site. Advanced environmental technology is used to prevent harmful emissions and, with proven functional performance in all climates, the ESWDS can be used just about anywhere the military is deployed, from the Arctic to desert settings.

The ESWDS solution is among less than 100 technologies deemed to have the greatest potential to enhance the Air Force’s ACE capabilities.   A three-part evaluation process will culminate with Eco Waste’s participation in the Showcase Event hosted by the AFWERX Innovation Hub in Las Vegas in January 2024.  

“We are proud that Eco Waste Solutions has been selected to Showcase among some incredible technologies that will expedite the establishment of operations in austere and contested environments and ensure personnel can operate safely and effectively”, said Major General Chris Sharpsten, U.S. Army (Retired), Advisor to Eco Waste Solutions. “The ESWDS is a much needed to tool that increases mission readiness by ensuring that waste is dealt with safely and reliance on burn pits can be avoided. Its proven capabilities make it an excellent fit for distributed military operations and rapid response to humanitarian crises, and natural disasters.”

About the ESWDS
Eco Waste Solutions has been providing containerized waste management solutions for over 20 years, but the ESWDS is the flagship solution for rapid deployment.  The ESWDS utilizes a small footprint, is made operational within hours of arrival, in any climate, and has a minimal requirement for sustainment support.  The ESWDS is ready to use in the most austere environments with minimal logistical and training burdens.

To learn more about the advanced features and capabilities that make the ESWDS uniquely capable, please contact: Dave Waldmann VP Military BD at .

AFWERX, a Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the innovation arm of the Department Air Force, accelerates agile and affordable capability transitions by teaming innovative technology developers with Airman and Guardian talent. 

About Eco Waste Solutions

Eco Waste Solutions products and expertise support military, mining, communities, WTE operators, engineering and construction companies solve waste problems.  In the past 30+ years Eco Waste experts have become a trusted source of engineering and technical services specialized in thermal treatment and energy recovery.  Eco Waste Solutions conversion technologies have been used around the world, diverting millions of tons of garbage from landfills, generating over half a million megawatts of energy, recovering valuable materials, and protecting the public from infectious disease other waste hazards.