March 6th, 2024 — Eco Waste Solutions is excited to announce that Jean Lucas, President & CEO, has been awarded The Solid Waste Association of North America’s (SWANA) first-ever Waste Conversion & Energy Recovery (WCER), Trailblazer Distinguished Individual Achievement Award!

This award recognizes Lucas for her outstanding service to the WCER Technical Division, her unwavering commitment to the SWANA mission, and her remarkable contributions to the waste conversion and energy recovery industry. 

“This recognition is a testament to our members’ commitment to excellence and innovation in the waste management industry. Your dedication exemplifies SWANA’s goal of driving progress in our industry. Your achievements inspire us, and we are proud to honor your contributions. Congratulation on this well-deserved honor,” said SWANA President Art Mercer.

“We have always aligned with SWANA’s mission to promote education, advocacy and research within the solid waste management industry,” says Lucas. “To be the first person to receive this award is a great honour.”

Jean Lucas will be officially recognized during SWANA’s annual SOAR conference on April 16th, 2024, where her achievements and trailblazing contributions will be celebrated.  For more information on this award announcement you can view the full SWANA Press Release here.

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Daniela Failla