Eco Waste Solutions west Africa

Waste management options are limited in West Africa

Waste Challenge: A mine located in a remote desert is challenged by high ambient temperatures and blowing sand.  Waste management options are limited.  A properly engineered landfill in a desert requires a significant capital and long-term operating investment. In addition to the domestic solid waste (which includes large amounts of food waste and packaging materials), the mine also generates hydrocarbon and solvent contaminated waste from the maintenance shop, as well as dewatered sewage treatment sludge.

Location: North West Africa

Eco Waste Solutions Africa

In this extreme climate, the most sustainable approach avoids reliance on landfilling untreated waste.  The Eco Waste Oxidizer allows the mine to process solid non-hazardous camp waste, maintenance shop waste and wastewater treatment sludge comingled together in one system.   This approach reduces the volume of waste for disposal by over 90%.

Special Features – Modular Approach: Multiple units provide the flexibility to scale processing needs up or down to suit waste flows.

Sustainable Benefit: Waste is reduced to a non-toxic, inert residual that will not require management post-closure.