Eco Waste Solutions Skagway Alaska

Managing waste in a high-traffic but highly remote community

WASTE CHALLENGE: Though Skagway, Alaska has a population of only about 1000 people, its location as a popular cruise ship destination meant that during the tourist season there were often 5000 additional visitors each day. The community simply couldn’t keep up with the waste from both the permanent population and the visitors. The pristine location in a mountainous region means there’s little suitable land for a new landfill, and transporting the waste would be prohibitively expensive.

ECO SOLUTION:  The Eco Waste Oxidizer (ECO Model) is capable of handling all the waste produced by the community as well as the additional waste brought in by cruise ships. The smokeless and odorless operation of the system allowed for it to be located a mere 6 miles up the Klondike Highway along the picturesque White Pass Railway.

SUSTAINABLE BENEFIT: The city owns a sustainable long-term waste disposal option that is less costly (and more environmentally sound) than opening and managing new landfills. What’s more, the contract to dispose of waste from cruise ships is an ongoing revenue source that subsidizes the cost of operation.