Successful waste management – and environmental protection

Eco Waste Solutions waste management in Cree Nation

Waste Challenge: Like most communities in Northern Canada, this community had to balance the need to protect the environment with the need to manage the growing community’s waste.

Despite its remote location, this thriving community of 1200 is a modern community with a high standard of living. The existing landfill site was over-capacity and required periodic open-burning to contain the waste. With no suitable land in the area available for additional landfilling, waste would need to be trucked more than 50km – representing both a financial and environmental hardship.

Location: James Bay Region, Quebec, Canada

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To eliminate environmental impacts from long-distance hauling and threats to water and air from leaching garbage and open burning, an alternative was needed. The Eco Waste Oxidizer (ECO Model) was the perfect solution.

Results: The Eco Waste Oxidizer system processes all of the solid, non-hazardous waste generated by the community. The remaining ash is save for in-trench land disposal. Local air quality has been demonstrably improved.

Additionally, Eco Waste Solutions provided training and support, so the community can operate, manage and maintain the system with minimal additional service required.