Tested under arctic operating conditions of -40°C

Eco Waste management solution Arctic


Waste Challenge: The construction of a mining operation on an island in the high arctic during the winter season is extremely challenging. The construction workforce of over 1000 people spread over 2 camps sites will generate more than 4000 kg of waste daily. Storage or landfilling of food waste can attract wildlife and is not permitted in this sensitive arctic ecosystem. Therefore the waste disposal system will need to be operational immediately after the workforce arrives.

ECO Solution: Thermal treatment of waste is the only permissible solution to ensure that animals are not attracted to the waste food. The Eco Waste Oxidizer will treat the all waste materials without the creation of smoke or odours. In order to address the requirement for a quick mobilization and start-up of the system, the containerized version of the Eco Waste Oxidizer – the ECO Mobile was deployed. The ECO Mobile can be set-up and operational within 2 days of arrival at site allowing it to go into immediate use. This allows the site to begin processing up to 4 tonnes of waste per day.


BlogArcticOreV3SPECIAL FEATURE: Plug & Play

The containerized system with EWS supplied base frame eliminates the need for a concrete pad, reducing construction time. Integrated features such as quick connectors for fuel and electrical avoid the reliance on specialized trades for commissioning and allows for a rapid start-up.
Sustainable Benefit: The ECO Mobile packages were tested under arctic operating conditions of -40°C. The packages were proven to meet the Canada Wide Standards for Dioxins and Furans. This represents the highest applicable level of environmental and health and safety standards.