Eco Waste Solutions pharmaceutical waste management

Treating wastes at the point of generation means full control

Waste Challenge: A pharmaceutical laboratory generates a range of wastes for disposal on a daily basis.  The waste includes off-spec drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients, liquid waste, and biologically active agents.

Location: Urban Centre – Caribbean Country

ECO Solution:  A custom-engineered Eco Waste Oxidizer was designed to allow the lab to process all of the regulated waste that it generates on-site.  This solution mitigates the risks associated with third party handling and transportation.  It also reduces costs for the lab.

EWS pharma waste manangement

Special Feature – Flexible Design:  The combination Solid and Liquid Waste Oxidizer allows for simultaneous treatment of pharmaceutical solid waste materials and specific types of flammable liquid waste.

Special Feature – Advanced Environmental Controls:  The EWS package includes an integrated Air Pollution Control system (APC) to control acid gases and remove particulate matter.  Also a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) was integrated with the solution to continually measure emissions quality.

Sustainable Benefit – Reduced Risk: By treating these dangerous wastes at the point of generation, the laboratory maintains full control of the waste materials.  The lab is able to oversee the proper disposal of all bio-hazardous or chemical materials to ensure safe, secure, and sustainable life-cycle management of these materials.