Eco Waste Solutions female executive team

Eco Waste Solutions today announced senior leadership changes resulting in the first all-female executive team in the North American waste-to-energy industry. Andrea Montague has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer, Tracey Goldberg has been promoted to Vice President of Sales, and Kim Docksteader has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering.

“We recognize that a female leadership team in this industry is considered noteworthy or even groundbreaking,” says Jean Lucas, President of Eco Waste since 2017. “But in our case, it was a natural next step. In addition to attracting great new talent, our company nurtures our existing employees. These women are highly qualified, proven leaders who were ready to make this transition.”

Andrea Montague has been with Eco Waste for almost 14 years, starting as senior accountant with a background in investment banking and auditing. Today, she’s responsible for overall financial management, long-range business planning and program management. Her appointment as CFO formalizes a role she has been performing for most of 2018.

Tracey Goldberg joined Eco Waste in 2006 as part of the sales team. Since then, she’s been instrumental in growing the business, particularly in the mining industry where she has strong long-term relationships. Her track record of being a bridge between our clients and our engineering team is well-known as one of the best in the business.

Kim Docksteader came to Eco Waste in 2002, directly upon her graduation from the engineering program at McMaster University. In the past 16 years, she’s been a part of almost every key project, and today oversees our engineering disciplines supporting R&D, production and customer service.

President Jean Lucas, part of Eco Waste herself for 18 years, stresses that it’s a long-term commitment to developing diverse talent that has resulted in the new leadership team and contributed to their recent Employer of Choice Award. “Organizational support for talented people, regardless of gender or any other factor, is how we’ve built a world-class company – and we’ll continue to do that.”


About Eco Waste Solutions

EWS is one of the world’s leading suppliers of modular thermal treatment and waste-to-energy technology. Their proven waste management systems are used by communities, military organizations and natural resource companies globally. With more than 80 installations in 18 countries, EWS has been recognized as a leader in small- and mid-sized waste-to-energy solutions worldwide and was recently named an Employer of Choice.