Eco Waste Solutions WTE Burlington

BURLINGTON, ON, June 13, 2013 /CNW/ – Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is proud to report that in the past six months it has received a total of eight contract awards to manufacture new plants for customers from a diverse range of industries.

Eco Waste Solutions technology is relied upon for safe, effective, and environmentally responsible point-of-need waste disposal at mining operations around the world.  Mines recognize the need to deal with waste as it is generated to avoid long term legacies attributed to landfills.  EWS produces world-leading technology that meets the highest environmental standards.  This continues to be evidenced by orders to produce a total of five Eco Waste Oxidizers for mine sites in locations in Latin America and the Canadian Arctic.

EWS is also working with more clients who have specialized waste management needs.  An example is a Pharmaceutical Laboratory in the Caribbean who has purchased an EWS system to process expired drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients and biologically active agents.  By treating these potentially dangerous wastes the lab can mitigate the risk of improper handling by third-parties.

Another unique client is a Government Veterinary Pathology Laboratory in Canada.  The Canadian Federal Government has imposed world-leading strict standards in biohazard containment and safety particularly for Animal Post-Mortem Facilities.  High temperature incineration is an effective solution to ensure disease causing pathogens do not escape the facility.

“Our focus on delivering high quality products backed by responsive customer service has allowed us to continually grow the business in its core markets”, stated Mr. Steve Meldrum – Eco Waste Solutions President.  “At the same time we are committed to continually evolving and advancing the technology which is allowing us to expand into new markets”.

Company Information:

Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is an award-winning, privately-held Canadian environmental technology company that custom engineers and manufactures proven, advanced thermal treatment technologies for solid and liquid waste. Since 1994 we have demonstrated leadership in design-quality, environmental integrity and excellent customer service. Unlike many emerging technologies still in development, the EWS systems are fully commercialized and process waste reliably. Our technological innovations include 4G controls, containerized mobile incinerators and scalable, modular systems that can offer heat recovery in the form of hot water, steam and Energy-From-Waste.

Eco Waste Solutions was featured on Canadian Newswire’s website that was published in the June 2013. For the complete article click here.