Deployable Waste to Energy Conversion technology to be presented at the 2014 Defense Energy Summit

November 7, 2014 BURLINGTON, Ontario – Eco Waste Solutions (EWS), a manufacturer of thermal waste conversion and energy recovery technologies, is pleased to announce that it was selected once again as a finalist in the Defense Energy Technology Challenge (DETC) , for their novel approach to small-scale waste disposal with energy recovery. 

The EWS technology was selected from over 300 entries to be presented at the Defense Energy Summit in Austin, Texas on November 11, 2014.

The DWEC (Deployable Waste to Energy Conversion) System is a containerized waste disposal system designed for expeditionary military bases.  The DWEC has the advantages of being smaller, lighter, and more fuel efficient and is coupled with a simple and practical energy recovery system.

“The product that EWS is offering to the defense industry represents the kind of innovations that EWS is bringing to the broader waste-to-energy market”, said Eco Waste Solutions’ President, Steve Meldrum “Our energy technologies build on our well-proven waste disposal technology with a 20 year track record.  This means our customers can realize the benefits now, instead of waiting years to get the bugs worked out of one of the pre-commercial technology platforms that also on the market”.

Eco Waste Solutions technologies have been adopted by a number of industries as a trusted means of disposing of waste in a safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible way.  Recent expansion of the EWS product line includes larger capacity systems and a broader range of energy recovery options.

Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is an award-winning, privately-held Canadian environmental technology company that custom engineers and manufactures proven, advanced thermal treatment technologies for solid and liquid waste. Since 1994 we have demonstrated leadership in design-quality, environmental integrity and excellent customer service. Unlike many emerging technologies still in development, the EWS systems are commercialized and proven to process waste reliably. Our technological innovations include 4G controls, containerized mobile incinerators and scalable, modular systems that can offer heat recovery in the form of hot water, steam and Energy-From-Waste.  www.ecosolutions.com

For more information please contact:

Mr. Steve Meldrum

President & CEO

Eco Waste Solutions

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