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Eco Waste Solutions acquires Enercon WTE

Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is pleased to announce the 4th generation Enercon waste-to-energy (WTE) technology with new innovations for improved efficiency and operational reliability.

Enercon Systems’ time-tested WTE technology has proven to be practical, reliable, and cost-effective for more than 30 years.

This technology is the ideal choice for small- to medium-sized communities as it can be custom-scaled to process up to 500 tons per day of MSW. The same system can also provide added revenue by managing special wastes and providing secure product destruction.

Multiple interconnected combustion and boiler modules offer increased safety and operating flexibility. The patented flue gas recirculation technology provides precise real time temperature control and oxygen control for efficiency, low CO, and NOx reduction.

Eco Waste Solutions (EWS) is an award-winning environmental technology company that has been custom engineering and manufacturing advanced waste conversion technologies for over 20 years. A leader in design-quality, environmental performance, and customer service, EWS is now partnered with the experienced Energy from Waste experts at Enercon.

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