overview of community-scale waste to energy facilities


We’ve been designing and fielding waste treatments since 1993

Our claim to fame has always been clean-burning systems that totally destroy waste.  Many of our systems are even mobile/containerized and recover energy from the waste.  But the global waste problem is large and growing, and we knew we wanted to offer much larger versions that can serve a small city and generate electrical power.  Our capable Engineers certainly could have designed something like that but then we’d be one of hundreds of companies around today who have developed a technology but need millions of dollars to prototype/demonstrate/debug and refine their technology before its commercialized.

So instead, in 2016, we bought a company that already had a commercialized technology with plants that have been operating successful for years  – Enercon Systems Inc.  Back in the days when Waste-to-energy (WTE)  plants were starting up in the US, Enercon designed 5 plants that were built by their American licensee Vicon.  More than 30 years later 2 of those plants are still running!  That is bankable track record.  Since the acquisition, Eco Waste has been busy modernizing the design of that plant to increase its efficiency and reliability while still maintaining the elegant simplicity of the Enercon Stepped Hearth Modular design that has proven to be one of the most reliable cost-effective small scale systems out there.

Check out this video to learn how it all works:

Unlike these new sexy-sounding, but as of yet unproven technologies, we have something that has been operating for many years and fits the need a community without the massive scale of mass-burn technologies.

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