Eco Waste Solutions speaks at CCTIA event

Presentation at the Canada-China Technology, Experts and Innovation Forum

In November 2017, the CCTIA (Canada-China Trade Innovation Alliance) hosted the Canada-China Technology, Experts and Innovation Forum at the Ontario Investment and Trade Center in Toronto. The CCTIA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the advancement of innovative bilateral trade as well as to promote cultural and technology exchange between businesses in Canada and China, and to generate successful business development opportunities in both countries.

November’s event brought together business, academic and government leaders from both Canada and China, to talk about advances in environmental engineering, healthcare/biomedecine and nanotechnology – and how these advances could translate into business opportunities benefiting both nations.

Presenters included Alexandra Sutton (Assistant Deputy Minister of the Ontario Ministry of International Trade), Michael Chan (Ontario’s Minister of International Trade), Mr E. Defeng (Commercial Consul of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto), and Yin Weimin, China’s Minister of Human Resources and Social Security).

Jean Lucas at CCTIA event

Eco Waste President Jean Lucas, as a recognized leader in innovative clean technology with potential for both Canadian and Chinese markets – both of which are facing increasing solid waste challenges that Eco Waste technology can address – was asked to speak at the event.

We discussed our facilities in Canada and the US, and how our partnerships with other organizations has helped us transform waste management for government and military organizations around the world.

It was a great opportunity to learn and build connections!